In 1923 the Southern Lacrosse Officials Association was founded to provide officials for colleges and private high schools that were playing lacrosse in the area. Today the SLOA, as it is known, has grown to over 250 members and continues to provide officials for over 300 college, club, high school and recreational league teams in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Over the years, the SLOA maintained a leadership position in the game and helped it grow into its present form. One of the biggest contributions made by the organization was the development of the “three man mechanic,” which is now the NCAA standard.

The SLOA leadership prides themselves on making available the best trained officials at all levels of lacrosse and strives to continue in that tradition of excellence as long as the organization exists. SLOA members can be seen representing the organization on the field each year at every premier lacrosse event including the NCAA playoffs, Collegiate Club playoffs and the World Games.

The Mission of the Southern Lacrosse Officials Association shall be the promotion of the welfare of the game of lacrosse by:

The procurement, training, classification, and maintenance of an adequate membership of qualified and competent officials whose integrity is above reproach for the use of the Appointing Authorities in collegiate, club, scholastic, and recreation games.

Fostering a high standard of ethics, encouraging fair play, sportsmanship, closer cooperation, and better understanding among officials, athletic directors, coaches, players, media, and spectators.

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