Observation & Evaluation Programs

Members in good standing, who have passed the application class and are in their second season or more with the SLOA, are eligible to participate in the Observation Program, Evaluation Program, or both during the spring season. These Programs are offered at no cost, but the application deadline for both Programs is February 15, 2023.

SLOA Observation & Evaluation Programs Request Form


Observation Program

Members selected for the Observation Program will be paired you with a senior official(s) for a spring season high school game appropriate for their officiating level. The senior official(s) will observe the mechanics, game knowledge, and game management skills of the selected member during the game. They will offer feedback and suggestions after the game.

Senior officials interested in participating as an observer should contact Dan McCarthy.

Evaluation Program

Members who are selected for the Evaluation Program will have a retired official attend and evaluate them at a high school game in the spring season. The retired official will observe their mechanics, knowledge of the rules, application of the rules, and game management skills and provide written feedback. After the game, the evaluator will review their notes with the official and offer feedback and suggestions to improve their officiating.