The SLOA Applicant Instruction Class is closed for 2023. Transfer membership will still be considered and can be requested by reaching out to Kevin Forrester (

We are constantly seeking highly motivated individuals to train and become members of the finest officiating association in the world of lacrosse!


If you are interested in applying to become an official in the Southern Lacrosse Officials Organization, please reach out to Kevin Forrester ( Include your name, your age, any previous officiating experience, and your reasons for wanting to join the organization.

Applicant Course:

The intent of the SLOA Applicant Instruction Class is to familiarize applicants for SLOA membership with the current rules of lacrosse, game mechanics, and traditions of the SLOA so they can develop into competent lacrosse officials. Additionally, the applicant instructor is responsible for assuring that only applicants prepared and qualified to assume scholastic level responsibilities are nominated for promotion to the general membership.


In order to gain membership into the SLOA, an applicant needs to successfully complete all of the requirements of the applicant class, have the applicant instructor recommend him or her to a vote of the general membership, and pass the class vote. The requirements of this class are directed at making the applicant aware of and achieving the four elements of an official:

  1. Technical – Rules Knowledge, Field Mechanics
  2. Appearance – Physical Appearance, Procedure
  3. Attitude – Approach to Task, Approach to Others
  4. Judgment – Rules Application, Control

Course Requirements

  • Age* – Be not less than 21 years of age as of January 1st the year of application
  • Attendance – 1 unexcused absence Maximum
  • Games – Minimum of 15 SLOA assigned games with acceptable ratings
  • Quizzes – Passing Average
  • Exam – Score of 85%, minimum
  • Attitude – Display an adherence to, and promotion of, the role of a lacrosse official set forth by the SLOA

    *The age limit may be waived by the Board of Directors a case-by-case basis